The project activities lead to working out two publications in which two different but complementary ways of presenting the main project findings are used.

Methodological Guidelines – meant for presenting a broader context of using puppetry art  as a tool in adult education and social inclusion.

The description of methods developed by international project team, evaluated on the basis of feedback from the user groups and answering the key questions:

-Which aspects of puppet theatre can be successfully transferred from solely artistic context to a broader educational domain?

-How to “translate” a theatrical experience of adult students into acquiring skills needed by them to achieve personal goals in social interaction?

Multilingual Compendium – meant for presenting a detailed description of different learning processes, step-by-step, and supported by evaluation conclusions.

The Collection of workshop scenarios from all countries with selected case studies of individual participants. Their stories illustrating the impact of the workshop program on concrete people in specific situations.   


 Needs Analysis Compiled Results

 Methodological Guidelines ‘Create a Puppet Create Yourself’