The CC Project aims at developing, testing and widely disseminating an innovative methodology based on creative approach in adult education. It is also focused on the needs of disadvantaged adult learners with a view to training social and civic competences. The choice of theatre and precisely puppetry art was made on the basis of the long-standing experience of Teatr Grodzki in using this specific art form in education and therapy. Even though puppet theatre is usually perceived as something childish, it can serve as a very efficient and attractive way of teaching adult students how to discover their aptitudes and abilities needed for a true social adaptation.

Through the activities planned we want to create the new educational and self-development opportunities for those who are socially excluded due to their health/disability problems, difficult economic situation, conflict with the law or other factors. We are aware of the fact that integration of socially vulnerable individuals and groups with society is a long and challenging process. It must involve an important phase of creating a suitable environment for making first steps towards changes.  People who have been isolated, often for a very long time, need to be first of all motivated to make an effort to step out. They need to see positive results of their actions and to feel rewarded. Such an experience can be a turning point in their life and lead to them discovering their own place in the community. We find puppetry art a surprisingly efficient tool facilitating this initial stage of social inclusion processes.

The project implementation of the CC Project has been planned in six steps.

  1. Teatr Grodzki, the author of the project, presents its approach of using the elements of puppetry art and psychodrama techniques in adult education to other partners during the Short-term Joint Staff training XII.17
  2. All the partners test the methods presented during the training, modifying them and further developing according to specific needs/constraints of their target groups (local pilot workshops – 25/30 days per partner). Everybody documents the working process in detail, paying special attention to the most interesting/representative case studies of adult workshop participants I-VII.18
  3. A VLCE – good practice platform to be launched and used for sharing/exchanging teaching experience throughout the project I.18-IX.19
  4. On the basis of the training experience further tested and confirmed during the workshops in each country the partners jointly formulate the methodological guidelines for the use of puppet theatre inspiration in adult education and social inclusion programs XII.17-III.18 (draft) VIII-XI.18 (final version)
  5. In parallel to the elaboration of methodological guidelines all the partners work on the more elaborated compendium – a presentation of five different teaching processes and their tangible results. The publication to be issued in 8 languages: EN, PL, IT, LT, BG+ DE, FR, ES and made available on the platform as Open Educational Resources (OER) VIII.18-VII.19
  6. A number of dissemination events to be organized in the last phase of the project in all the partner countries VI-IX.19