In the first year of the project implementation (January-July 2018) all the partners tested the CC methodology presented by Teatr Grodzki during the seminar for key training staff of the partner organizations in Glasgow (December 2017). The main aim of the pilots was to find out whether and to what extent the use of puppetry art worked in adult education and social inclusion strategies.

Thirteen (13) workshop groups were run altogether in Poland, UK, Lithuania, Italy and Bulgaria.

In this section of the CC platform, the description of all the workshop groups, as well as the reports from their work supplemented with evaluation findings can be found.

More details regarding pilot workshop groups together with the photo documentation are available in BLOGS run by the trainers from all the partner countries. Each blog also offers a space for the online interactions (CC Info-Point). There, you can leave a comment or ask questions to exchange experience and learn more about CC methodology.


  1. Workshop Group in a Psychiatric Hospital (Poland)
  2. Workshop Group in a Social Integration Centre (Poland) 
  3. 218 Women’s Residential & Day Care Service (The United Kingdom)
  4. Workshop Group in a Bridging the Gap (The United Kingdom)
  5. Workshop Group in a Phoenix Futures Communities of Recovery Glasgow Service (The United Kingdom)
  6. Workshop Group in a Her Majesty’s Prison Low Moss (The United Kingdom)
  7. South Community Recovery Network (The United Kingdom)
  8. Group of Retired and Unemployed (LT)
  9. Women at a Crossroad (LT)
  10. Working with migrants in Palermo (Italy)
  11. People with Fewer Opportunities (IT)
  12. People from vulnerable groups (BG)
  13. People willing to find themselves (BG)