Group 6

Her Majesty’s Prison Low Moss

HMP Low Moss is a Category A prison which manages male offenders on remand, short term offenders (serving less than 4 years), long term offenders (serving 4 years or more), life sentence offenders and extended sentence offenders (Order of Life Long Restriction). In the Learning Centre, men choose to participate in formal and non-formal learning, as part of their work schedule options.

Neil Packham and Elly Goodman from the Citizens Theatre worked with a group of men in HM Prison Low Moss over a series of six weekly sessions. A total of eight people participated (all males).

The men didn’t make strong connections to their puppets over the course of the project, although the men did enjoy making their puppets and tended to work alone while doing so. There wasn’t as strong a sense of group camaraderie and the participants preferred to work independently.

The attendance of the men was sporadic due to other commitments within the prison.  This made it difficult to work towards any kind of performance.


Trainers’ Evaluation