Group 9


Workshop for the II Group of Retired and Unemployed Women (Women at a Crossroad). Lithuania


April 17 – May 15, 2018 a pilot workshop for the II group of retired and unemployed women was established. Workshops took  place in a cosy room of nicely renovated old building run by cultural center Vilnius’ Teachers House

We held 7 sessions (lasting 3-4 hours each), which were conducted by  Rolanda Sliaziene (project coordinator in Lithuania) and Arune Taunyte (both trained in the CC method during the Short-term Joint Staff Training Event in Glasgow), from education center Babilonas. One session took place in the Vilnius’ Puppet Theater (Conducted by professional puppeteer Rimantas Driezis)

11 women participated: 4 retired, 5 unemployed, 2 disabled. Age 34-79.

2 participants were  covering the distance of 17 and even 70 km to attend the sessions.

The group created a  short puppetry scene, which we agreed  to perform during the multiplier events and other corresponding events.

The pilot workshop was evaluated by both the participants and trainers. The feedback gathered from them confirms the usefulness of using puppetry art in supporting the unemployed and retired woman in their struggle for social recovery. Presented below are the opinions by the group members and workshop leaders.


Amazing, I came back to my own self, had a feeling of being useful.

All group tasks were very new for me, it was so interesting to know each other and to become closer…I liked reflections after every workshop, our sharing – it brought some light inside.

Self-analysis, situations, when other participants reveal something new about yourself, something which you were afraid to reflect upon.

I appreciated  the rich experience of trainers, also the varietty of participants. It was importsant to get to know your puppet first and then to perform.  At the beginning I thought that it will be less interesting to perform, but I changed my mind as we started.

Everything was interesting for me, I could never believe that puppet made of paper can talk and say so much…and about me.

Everything what we were doing together/ making puppets – something very special and the most powerful – to let our puppets talk.

It was important to be among other women, to recognize some of own fragility.

It was useful. I got to know myself from a certain point, which I never ever could imagine.

Yes, for sure, it was useful. I got some insights, certain understanding. It was important to hear the stories of other participants, to feel how it mirrors me.

To release, not to stuck on something – I’ll try to practice it in the future. I learned also certain flexibility, loyalty in unexpected situations.


Flexibility of the method, variety of techniques to use (theatrical etudes, psychodrama techniques, group building exercises, exercises boosting creativity) is a strong point.  The trust in creativeness of participants helps to reach surprising results. Method gives the possibility to talk about oneself behind the puppet much easier. It also strengthens the social skills, as puppet animation into a meaningful etude requires team work: a lot of understanding, common decisions, attentiveness, patience, tolerance, coordination etc.

Our experience of the first workshop helped us to improve the method and to make changes for working with the second group.  

After finishing 2 workshops we feel much stronger in using puppetry for social inclusion and have a big confidence in the method as we see an evident progress in participants attitudes, self-esteem, creativity, growing abilities for self-analysis and acting in the group. We will promote the CC method in different situations for various contexts, because we see a vast possibility of the method working with different groups for social inclusion, non-formal education for adults as well as for children and youngsters.

The group responded well to the project and feedback was positive from participants and staff members.


Trainers Evaluation