Group 5

Phoenix Futures

This is an organisation supporting adults who are affected by substance misuse to take the next steps in their recovery journey. The organisation supports individuals to overcome any barriers they may face on a day-to-day basis and aims to reduce social isolation across Glasgow. It also provides a Mentorship scheme where Mentees are offered a programme of peer support tailored to their individual needs. Mentees receive practical support around issues such as housing, benefits, money management and physical and emotional health. They also receive support to integrate into the community.

Neil Packham and Elly Goodman from the Citizens Theatre worked with Phoenix Futures over a series of four weekly sessions. It was a small group that varied in size each week. A total of eight people participated (five male and three female).

This group was excellent at thinking in a creative, abstract way. Making the puppets brought a strong sense of achievement to the participants and some of the puppets were particularly well made.

Due to the inconsistent attendance and the small size of the group, the participants worked towards a performance of a couple of short scenes with the puppets. The group moved outside for the last part of the final session and enjoyed some spontaneous puppetry in the sunshine.

1th Report

1thTrainers’ Evaluation