Group 4

Group Nr 4

Title:  Bridging the Gap (UK)


Bridging the Gap is an organisation which builds community across divides; working with people who are unemployed, have mental health issues or in recovery from addiction issues. It is also very ethnically diverse, working with asylum seekers and refugees. It’s aims are to reduce sectarianism, to support community inclusion and to support families. It gives people an opportunity to build relationships, to use and develop their skills, to explore differences and find common ground.

Neil Packham and Louise Brown from the Citizens Theatre worked with Bridging the Gap over a series of five weekly sessions. The group varied in size each week, with a total of 25 people participating in total.

The drop-in nature of the group made it difficult to work towards a final performance with the puppets. However, a film was created which showed little scenes with the participants manipulating their puppets.

The group responded well to the project and feedback was positive, with many people commenting on how relaxing the puppet-making process was and how they felt a connection to their puppet.


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