Group 13

Description of Pilot Workshops in Bulgaria

People willing to find themselves

The second workshop in Bulgaria for Create a Puppet project was conducted in 48th School Joseph Kovachev, Sofia, Bulgaria on 12th of May 2018. The training was led by 2 members of Know and Can Association: Lora Yoncheva and Rumyana Shalamanova.

The participants were 12 people (2 men 10, women): people from vulnerable groups, looking for a job and NEETs.

The main aims of this workshop were as follows:

– To test the new method and receive feedback from the participants in order to improve the future implementation of the project

– To inspire the people from the vulnerable groups to solve their problems and be able to face different obstacles


The participants stated they really enjoyed the method. The puppetry helped them feel more creative and they remembered happy childhood moments from their lives while making the puppets. This made them feel relaxed and creative.


The trainers stated that according to the workshops and the participants’ feedback the method is applicable for different target groups with different background.


 Trainers Evaluation