Group 12

Description of Pilot Workshops in Bulgaria

People from vulnerable groups

On the 21st of April 2018 the first workshop in Bulgaria for Create a Puppet Project was done. The workshop took place in Peter Beron High School, Pernik, Bulgaria and was led by 2 trainers from Know and Can Association: Lora Yoncheva and Rumyana Shalamanova.

The participants consisted of 16 women: people facing social and geographical obstacles, looking for a job, willing to find their professional path and NEETs.

The main aims of the workshop were as follows:

– To test the method receive feedback by the participants and improve its future implementation

– To inspire the participants to work on their problems in creative ways and find new pathways for finding solutions and problem-solving


The participants really liked the workshop and stated they would definitely use the puppetry art and the non-formal methods in their lives. They were very happy with the activities and felt inspired to improve the quality of their lives.


The trainers stated they really enjoyed leading such kind of training, felt more creative and were looking forward to the next puppetry training.


 Trainers Evaluation