Raport 1 (Gr. 8)


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.This communication refects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannotbe held responsible for any use which may be made of the information containedtherein.

Report of the local pilot workshops

Venue: Cultural Centre “ Vilnius’ Teachers House (Vilniaus mokytojų namai)Date: 6th Feb. 2018 Leader: Rolanda Sliaziene Report made by: Arune Taunyte

The partnership agreement was set up with municipal cultural center Vilnius’ Teachers House () . Teacher House is providing with premises, announcing CC events, including CC presentations in the programmes of the adequate events, arranged by Teachers House.

PRESENTATION of CC PROJECT for POSSIBLE PARTICIPANTS: The 23d Jan. 2018 we arranged the presentation of the CC project inviting the possible participants personally, announcing the event on FB. Invitations for social workers were also sent to several social centers (invitation fles are attached). Inviting participants we used the term women “at a crossroad” instead of “vulnerable”. 17 women came to the event (1 social worker). After the presentation 12 women decided to participate in the CC activity and possible dates of workshops were agreed.

1. Please present the characterization of the group and the participants (Special attention to the participants facing social obstacles, disability, economic obstacles, educational difculties, cultural diferences . How many would fall into this category? Which types of difcult situation are these participants facing?)

9 women fnally participated (age 38-70). (2 women started, but were not able to attend the puppet making session, so they joined the second group for puppet animation sessions with the puppets made by other participants) Profle: unemployed, divorced, retired.

Participants have named problems they recently are facing:

inner pain, loneliness,uselessness,; long term unemployment, depression, need to meet people.;problematicrelationship with relatives.;lost job, lack of self esteem, heartbreak; unemployed, divorced,single mother, mothers death;need to better know myself;hesitation about the current job,lack of motivation.”

2. Please describe the pilot workshops (The working process in detail divided into each session. Description of the venue, materials, tools, etc.)

Workshops took place in a cosy room of nicely renovated old building run by cultural center Vilnius’ Teachers House, located in an old town and easily reachable by public transport. Workshop time is set up at the least busy time in a cultural center and is appropriate for the woman who are unemployed or retired (only one participant is working near by and has a flexible job schedule) Dates of sessions : Jan 23 (presentation of CC project); 8 sessions: Feb 6; Feb 8; Feb 12; Mar 8; Mar 14; Mar 15; Mar 19; Mar 20

The 6th Feb. I session (Duration 3 h: 12:00-15:00) . First session was aimed at warming up, get acquainted, group building, as participants mainly did not knew each other.

Plan of the session:

Trainers Rolanda Šliažienė and Arūnė Taunytė present themselves and Dovilė Rudzenskė (technician) describes the project and presents the plan of workshops ICE BREAKING .GREETING Participants are walking in the space of the room and are invited to greet each other gradually in a diferent mood: as neighbours, as colleagues, as directors, as queens, as good friends who have not seen each other for 10 years.


something is resisting inside,…hard to become a queen…; I was feeling the timidity ofothers…smile was unifying..”

EXPECTATIONS materials: a schematic design of hot air balloon on the flip-chart paper; post-its of 3 diferent colours participants are asked to write on post-its and to post on the balloon design:

 what would I like to do, to experience during the workshops (green post-its to post on the

balloon)  how shall I contribute (yellow post-its to post on the bag of the balloon)  what could hinder, trouble or disturb me (rose post-its to post on the sand bags

This helped participants to get aware of the need for active participation, personal contribution and responsibility, setting up the primary personal goals. GETTING TO KNOW EACH OTHER materials: A4 sheets of paper, markers.

Each participant draws a self portrait, writes a name and exchanges portraits (in pairs). Then they interview each other asking questions as: what do you do in a daily life; what would you like to learn; what is your favourite animal? Then one in a pair sits on the chair, another stands behind and speaks in the name of the sitting one, like: “I am Aldona.”.etc. Then the presenting person shortly shares his

own impression about the sitting person. Participants exchange places. Every pair presents each other in this way. Others are watching each presentation. Each couple is encouraged with applause of “audience”.


Nice feeling of “melting ice” in communication… One starts to feel personality behind thefacade,…everyone came with traumas…so important to talk out…talking in pairs gives moretrust that I shall be understood and not be mocked”….”I would like to listen to my pair matemore, I liked her auto irony and humour in her sad story…”I came here in a bad angrymood…thinking, what am I doing here…But fnally, as everyone talked I sensed theirpersonalities, not being a “grey mouse” and was touched by their interesting life stories”…”Ihad a feeling that my current problem in life was the most difcult”..

GROUP BUILDING. THE BIRTH DATE In a ROW Materials: rope, scotch tape Rope is fxed as a circle on the floor with a scotch tape. Participants stand on the rope randomly. Then they are asked to fnd their place according to their birth date (month and day), moving clockwise. They have to act in a silence and not to step out from the rope.


Main emotions: fun, reliance, closeness… Now I feel more comfortable touching another personThis activity helped me to hide myself from sorrow, I simply counted months and days and hada good feeling.I was a bit irritated that some people do not agree. It was clear who was more dominant, whowas more calm( I was confused that someone is not able to get to agreementI was surprised that we touched each other without much hesitation, when it was needed tofulfl the task. Everybody tried to help each other.


Participants were asked to “cross” the dangerous river using the “stones” ( A4 paper )

Name the feeling in one-two words:

responsibility, initiative, lack of patience, we succeeded

Name your own experience, your contribution, your role:

I found out that I lack patience….I realized how important is to think out a plan before acting..,we had a possibility to repeat, but in real life you can not repeat ….It is important not to turnback, but look forward…Responsibility for another person…Do what you can and trust theothers.. We had a feeling that we shall succeed easily, but we failed at the beginning..


Participants were asked to make a drawing and to share own experience using a metaphor of

plant : “if I was a plant, I would be…”:

A bean plant which just sprouted up and shall grow up to the sky…A stump. Comfortable to siton. Cosy place…A feld of flowers .. (one woman made a drawing of the flower “before andafter”…

The 8th Feb. II session (Duration 5 h: 10:00-15:00) .

At the beginning of this session we continued the group building to prepare participants for oneof the main tasks – to create puppets and to personalize them

TO REMIND THE NAMES Materials: adhesive tape, markers


1. Each participant writes on the adhesive tape: the frst letter of her name,dashes for other letters and the last letter (e.g. R_ _ _ _A for Regina). The aim of the exercise is to fll in ones own name and to help others to collect their name letters. oou can fll in only theletter which is a part of your name. Participants go around completing the names for others.

This exercise helps to get closer, to touch, to remember the names.


materials: a napkin for each participantAll participants are standing in a circle back to circle center.Each participant is given a paper napkin. Everybody followsthe simple instructions of the trainer to fold ant to tearsome parts of the napkin. Then to turn and to show theresult.

This exercise is the simple way to show diferences: eventhe same instruction gives very diferent result.


3. Participants hold arms and each participant fnd certain point in the space. No one tells,where her point is. Participants try to reach all the points in silence . It is important to hold armsall the time.


Collaborating even if it was not comfortableFun, I had support, no criticismThe leader was present, someone took over the decisionsI was a bit angry, that someone’s point was so highIt was a good feeling to reach my point, though it was hig


We used the exercise proposed in Glasgow training. It was a good introduction to farther creative sessions, but participants were not warmed up still enough for improvisation and creativity Activity description All participants sit in a circle surrounding collection of diferent materials previously arranged by the trainer. These are for instance: a roll of brown paper and a single sheet crumpled up, a few pairs of scissors, a few spools of string (diferent colours), some old newspapers, coloured crepe paper. The setting of objects should represent some kind of an order, and express diferent inter-linkages and power relations. For example, the roll of paper is placed centrally, while the single sheet lies on the side and scissors are about to cut it. The newspapers form a chaotic pile and spools of string stand in a regular double line. The participants are asked to share their impressions on the composition of objects. Some supporting questions were asked: What happens here? Are these seemingly still objects acting somehow? Is it possible to


this image into a story? What does it tell us? What messages and feelings do we get from it? How do the colours and shapes and mutual relation between individual objects influence the meaning of the whole image?


Something will occur from this chaos…; scissors associate with pain..; three widows arewaiting..;any object did not speak, but they told some story…everything is related

. PUPPET MAKING (2:30 h)

Instruction how to make a puppet, to be aware of not hurting oneself

While making the puppets women talked about their problems,

how did they lose job, how do they try to fnd it etc.



Fun, I made it fast though usually I am rather slow

I was embarrassed, I had a feeling that puppet had to have somemetal construction.. And them I realised, that it is not needed.

I made it as I made it.. I watched other woman-they were so fast.. I enjoyed the process. I had no puppet in my childhood. This is the frst puppet which I createdFeeling of being here and nowI was slow, everyone was fast.. But I gradually concentrated and fnished the puppet thoughfeeling some physical pain, which I forgot in a processI wanted her to be nice and straight, because I myself am wry…I do not feel myself in that puppetI thought that puppet has to be very frm. I am surprised that it is so striking red, Anyway it is alike me.

Trainers exchanged puppets abruptly. An ambarrassement, some laughter was present.

Trainer asked: If I tell that it is your puppet?


I like it. I would like to be so elegant..

I do not know her.. If I spend more time with her I could feel the relationship..

Everyone put own energy into the puppet..


Participants were asked to spend some time and to ask their puppet “WHO ARE oOU? TELL MEABOUT oOURSELF” Then they sat in a circle. Puppets one by one were placed on a chair.

Participants were asked to characterize every puppet, then the author characterized her puppet,also giving her a name.

When I was making it, I didn’t think whom she could be, But when I dressed her, Iunderstood, that she is my joy and my pain..I knew that she will be a woman, not a child.I know that diferent things will happen maybe not now, but in the future..

Though I feel inner tension but the puppet is relaxed, Laid back. She is my other side.She tells “everything will be OK”..

I wanted my puppet to tell what direction I should take.,should I keep my strong lifeprinciples. I was concerned , What my kid will tell about this puppet. He had a birthtrauma, that is why I tried to make a puppet very strong ..

I did not expect so many nice words about my puppet. I made it as a descent Lithuanian,open, loving.

In a puppet making process I just furiously wrapped the paper with a string and was reflecting about diferent things: I would like in a South of France, Morocco, lots ofyachts…To live in a warm climate.

My puppet has long legs. I used to be slim, now I gained weight and I did not admit that…

I wanted to create my grand daughter. She dances ballet. As a child, I wanted eagerly todance, to sing, to play music, but parents did not provide me with the possibility. And Idid not fulfl it later..

She is very withdrawn, silent. She would like to sing, to talk,but she can’t. She wants to dress up in fashion, but does notwant to be too diferent from others. I wanted so much to puteyelashes..She has shoes, though it is hot. But she is light,she is flexible..

She told: I am not you, do not expect.. I have one leg shorter,I am like this..I am not perfect. I am not a conformist, I amnot obliged to serve others, I will act my way, tell what I think

At the end of the session we asked participants to arrange their

puppets anywhere, anyhow for the photo. We told them that we will take pictures of the puppets at the end of every session. The puppets in the frst picture looked like having not much relationship yet. We wondered, how the photo will change after next sessions.

The 12th Feb. III session (Duration 3 h: 10:00-13:00) .

Trainers asked for the reflection of previous session.

We used Glasgow training exercise with comfortable and uncomfortable chair

REFLECTION from the comfortable chair:

I liked a lot the puppet making. It was a great discovery for me that you can make a puppet onlywith paper and string and she can be so cute! I enjoy learning new things so much.It was so interesting to hear what others told about your puppetI am very open here. Puppet also helped. I hope that it is the beginning of the new stage in mylife. I feel no pain being here.I was shy during the frst session, but after the puppet session, I feel like I have friends already. Itook my puppet home. I was lazy one morning and took the puppet to my bed. Talked to her,made hair for her. I had a good feeling while making the puppet, though at the beginning I was rather scepticalI like your company, the creativity of making puppet was engaging, I relaxed. It was nice to hearpointed characteristics about my puppet.

reflections from uncomfortable chair:

I am sleepy in the morningI would need some more concreteness in a schedule of the workshopI did not like myself during the team exerciseIt is hard to make myself to leave the home and to go to the workshop. I would like to no moreclear the schedule of the workshopI am very busy , so I would like to start in time (some participants are late often). I am observing, when the ” impact” will start..I had a pain in my arms making puppet. I was wondering, what I am doing here,..so childish..Iused to be a serious person, had a great job..

Theoretical Input of the trainer KOLBE CIRCLE, COMFORT ZONE etc.

We found out that we should not take time with such inputs (though participants were interested , but it was not interactive enough. because the main thing is to provide the space for participants to share.

The group game from Glasgow training


The majority of participants took the role of the audience, decoration, -interested, but not responsible, waiting for others to supply with good emotions. Only couple of them took active role of prima-donna or ballet dancer. We think that it be good to make this exercise using puppets, so participants could take more active roles and reflect behind the puppet.


the 8th Mar . IV session .

Educational session at Vilnius’ Puppet Theatre the 14th Mar . V session . V session .

Room was arranged so that all puppets were siting in a circle and waiting for their authors.

Participants were impressed by the devotion of the professional puppeteer Rimas Driezis We think that it was a good decision to go to the puppet theatre to introduce the participants the wast possibilities of puppetry. Main messages which participants got were:

Using a puppet you can put any problem aside and solve it in that minimized world -Through the puppet one can communicate: if a person does not dare to talk about himself, give him a puppet and let her talk. It is not embarrassing even to make a mistake

it would be the puppets mistake Nowadays it is more important to create an illusion of the problem and to seek for the solution instead of creating an illusion of a perfect moves of puppet.


on Educational session at Vilnius

Puppet Theatre:

it was so good, I did not want to come back to reality

it is evident that guy (puppeteer) works not for money. His eyes were shining, he cared about us. I was sceptical at the beginning: shall we just listen, no action? But it was so interesting andrelaxingI visited puppet theatre 15 years ago. Now I totally changed my mind about it.I was impressed by guy’s devotion. Where does this devotion comes form? He trusts in what he’s doing. It is so important for any profession…. And not only for the profession..

Glasgow training group game „Chairs-Characters” It was a try to create a story. Participants were much more active and creative then at the beginning and created a story:

It is an old wardrobe…. Lady the owner left home and life started.: the inhabitants of thewardrobe were glad that lady has left… They step out of the wardrobe and examine thebelongings of lady… everyone wants to manifest itself… everyone talks, nobody listens… Ladycomes back… creatures do not want to go back to wardrobe…they want to please lady… Maybeshe will see her belongings, arranged like this, from the diferent point and will fnd that eventhese, which she had not liked any more, could be cool….

The professional puppeteer was invited for this session to facilitate puppet animation towards a certain story. She used DIXIT cards Participants tried to create stories, some of which could have been animated. The participants were asked to do a homework – to think about the meaningful story which they would like to perform with puppets Then puppeteer asked participants to present their puppets, their names, positive and negative features of character, their hobbies, their age. It led participants into deeper characterization of their puppets and more close relationship with them.

The puppeteer introduced the main principles of animating a puppet

It was so amazing, that while talking about own puppet women spoke about themselves

the 15th Mar. VI session .

Room was arranged so that all puppets were siting ina circle and waiting for their authors.

This session was aimed to gain more puppetanimation skills

Puppets greet each other in diferent ways ( shaking hands, raising arm and bowing head embracing, etc.)Some participants were late, some did not come for personal reasons. Trainers had to change programme according to the low number of participants.


Discussion: how often I ask myself, if I like myself?How I understand empathy and what does it mean for me?

Participants expressed some concern about the absence and late arrival of some of theparticipants.Trainers ask participants to reflect at home upon the question: ”what should I release in my life”

the 19th Mar . VII session 2h

Room was arranged so that all puppets were siting in a circle and waiting for their authors.

Improving puppet animation skills: puppets make physical exercises. According to exercise movements, which one participant demonstrates, other 3 participant animate a puppet.


what should I release in my life i I rush too much..;present is too big for me to deal with it…; I have inner pain since my husband died. I feel lonely. I want to release it…I can release anything, except my divorced husband…To release my sorrow and melancholy. I feel that I am already on the way… Women expressed the great need for therapy in their situations. Glasgow exercise PATH The psychodramatic session of the participant Y (the case)

the 20th Mar . VIII session .

REFLECTION on previous day

It touched me. I smoked, and drunk wine…; I even could not get to sleep…I remembered my childhood.. I used to think that my parentsshould have been more educated. But now I realised, that I had a perfect family. I was able tolook at it with more loving and open eye…; Thanks for this experience. I also do not remembersitting on my Mum’s lap in my childhood. I think that it is possible to forgive and to ask forforgiveness. I was praying hard for my Mum yesterday..:I was reflecting upon my relationship with parents. I understood that I have to meet my parentsand kids more often… I want to release my feeling of guilt – small and big..

Working on the theatrical etude

We did not manage to clarify the subject of etude. Maybe because we happened to go too deep to psychological recoveries and subject occurred too heavy for the participants (to release fears, guilt). Though participants made some interesting suggestions, but we had not enough time to develop it . We think that we have started creating etudes a bit too late during this workshop


Please present the most interesting/representative case studies of adults

participating to the workshop Participant X. (age 55) previously took a boss position in important institution, but due to unfair actions of her employee, she had to leave her job. X. was desperate, she was feeling a huge tension and inner pain. X was an “easy”participant in a way that she was active, she paid conscious eforts to beneft from the workshop:“we all came here with traumas. It is so essential to speak out, to be understood, to feel that no one will sneer at me”. After several sessions while participants were asked” what should you release in your life? X. answer was: To release heartburn and melancholy, To fnd out what I really want and what I really can. I feel that this is already approaching . After a tense psycho dramatic session of participant o, about the hard relationship with her mother X had a deep and long reflection: I was sitting in a dark room and was wondering why one gets form destiny more than another? I understood how lucky I was in my childhood, I still feel the embrace of my Grandma. Compared to the stories of other women I value it even more” Thou X had her inner ups and downs during the workshop (Sometimes I feel good, and suddenly very bad, almost panicking) during the fnal reflection she said “I started to breathe more deep, emotional paralysis has quieted down, my self esteem has grown up. During the period of the workshop even three persons from my close surrounding died and this I survived with much more calm. Today I feel like a big burden felt from my heart , I breathe more deeply, I see more colours, I got a lot of insights for myself. I would strongly recommend such workshop for women in hard situations”

Participant Y (age 47– a gifted woman unemployed, have unpaid lawns, divorced mother of teenage son, her mother died 1,5 year ago, she previously had a high position with a good salary) expressed a very contrasting mood during the workshop. Almost every session she started with the question : What am I doing here? Why am I wasting time? Y was the one who made Path exercise trying to release her sense of reproach as well as the guilt for her deceased mother, which did not express much love to her daughter. (I lived with depressed mother. If your father loved you, then you will be strong, if not-it is so hard to live ) After a long hesitation, with the strong support of the group, she fnally was ready to embrace her mother. This session had a strong impact on every participant and they reflected it during the next session. o told “I’m starting to feel better”. am glad that it helped other women to reflect upon their own relationships, to feel that their situations are not so hard as mine. Thank you for the great support during the session” Finally she was one of the most collaborative participants, her positiveness raised. “If you remember me at the beginning – I was rude…now I come to relax, and I am conscious about what am I doing here. Through the puppet I could tell what was very important, which I was not brave enough to tell about myself. Puppet accepts all the comments, even compliments” I came here because I like puppets. I understood that workshop is for socially excluded people and I decided, that it is for me. At the beginning it was very hard for me and then warm-up happened. I appreciate the group. Sharing of personal problems made us feel close. Now I feel that I did not waste time. Today I hold my puppet on my lap so naturally for the frst time during this workshop. Thank you for tolerance and patience

4. Please defne clearly the motivation mechanisms and learning approaches used during the workshop

Motivation mechanisms Clear instruction of making puppet; Educational programme in Vilnius’ puppet theatre, which revealed the potential of using puppet to express yourself; advices of professional puppeteer for puppet animation; flexibility of trainers in unexpected situations, safe atmosphere; trust; time for reflecting;: boosting of creativity; interesting, mainly positive comments of all participants about each puppet.

Teaching approach: Adult makes his own conclusions and insights Active participation accepting the variety of participants as a big advantage reflections after each experience

5. Please write your comments/evaluation from the trainer’s point of view

The weak points were mainly related to the practical issues. In our case we had to warm up the group as participants did not knew each other and to get acquainted required additional time. With the constant groups it could need less sessions and they could be more puppetry based. It would be also a big advantage to have a constant place for the workshops (we had to change the room several times), where participants could arrange the space according to their taste and needs. It was also a complication, that our schedule of sessions had rather long periods in between and not all the participants had a possibility to attend all the sessions. The reintegration of the group constantly required additional time and activities. It was also a challenge to integrate 2 women who were not able to attend the puppet making session. As we still do not have elaborated the method, we are in the stage of creating it and checking what works the best. Working with the frst group we ran out of time to create the etudes and participants were not motivated enough to perform. All the participants named puppet making as the session they liked the most .Though the depth of relation with puppet was even a bit too deep. So we decided that during the second workshop we have to “cut” that close relationship with own puppet at the certain phase and to concern the puppet basically as an “actor”. While “getting acquainted” with puppets we made each puppet to sit one by one on the chair in a circle and all the participants characterized the puppet . The author of the puppet was the last to tell about it. We recommend this way, because it helps to tell indirectly about the person who created a puppet. And, as participants reflected later, it helped to see oneself from aside and to reveal unexpected surfaces.

While using the exercise of Path, which was presented in Glasgow CC training course we had a psycho dramatic case of releasing the tough relationship of one of participants with her deceased mother (forgiveness, guilt, reproaches). It took more time then was previewed for this activity. The case was resolved in approaching and embracing imaginary mother. Though we did not succeed in creating the topics for the performance using this technique. We decided not to use the Path exercise working with the second group. The majority of participants mentioned that they would like to have more time for reflections and feed-back. It is evident, that in modern world people lack the space and time to talk and we have to be aware of providing sufcient space for this. So during the second workshop we are going to cut some theoretical inputs, saving space for reflections of participants. Every single time we were preparing our workshop plan one way , but very often the process went diferent way as planned because of some emotional openness of one woman or another and it is another reason why we needed more time than planned.

It was a constant creativity for trainers because it was impossible just to use the method which was presented in Glasgow as it is.. We had to be extremely flexible and attentive, to fnd the ways which could be optimal for all the participants, which were rather diferent in age, in life experience. We, the trainers, were inspired by the puppetry techniques and were motivated while observing impressive improvement in participants attitudes, involvement, discoveries. The session in the Puppet theatre, presented by the very devoted puppeteer Rimas Driezis, was both inspiring and informative. So we recommend everyone, who will use the puppetry for social inclusion to visit local puppet theatres with the groups for educational sessions (if you only have charismatic puppeteer to present it) We also invited the professional puppeteer to moderate the topics for puppet performance. She gave some professional advises, though it was not integrated in the program smoothly enough, anyway participants appreciated her professional input.

More comments could be found above in the context of this report.

6. Please describe any interesting point of view of the participants relevant to the piloting

All interesting reflections of participants could be found above in the context of this report. The group of strangers became good friends, they planed to meet for the barbecue after the session. Evaluation of the workshop by participants was positive

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