Group 8

Group of Retired and Unemployed Women (Lithuania)


Workshop for the a Group of Retired and Unemployed Women (Lithuania)


February 6 – March 20, 2018 a pilot workshop for the I group of retired and unemployed women was established. Workshops took place in a cosy room of nicely renovated old building run by cultural center Vilnius’ Teachers House, located in an old town and easily reachable by public transport. Workshop time was set up at the least busy time in a cultural center and was appropriate for the woman who are unemployed or retired. Inviting participants we used the term “women at a crossroad”.

We held 8 sessions (lasting 3-4 hours each), which were conducted by Rolanda Sliaziene (project coordinator in Lithuania) and Arune Taunyte (both trained in the CC method during the Short-term Joint Staff Training Event in Glasgow), from education center Babilonas. One session took place in the Vilnius puppet theater (Conducted by professional puppeteer Rimantas Driezis)

9 women participated (age 38-70). Profile: unemployed, divorced, retired. Participants have named problems they were facing: inner pain, loneliness, uselessness….; long term unemployment, depression, need to meet people….;problematic relationship with relatives..; lost job, lack of self esteem, heartbreak…; unemployed, divorced, single mother, mothers death…;need to better know myself…;hesitation about the current job, lack of motivation…..

The pilot workshop was evaluated by both the participants and trainers. The feedback gathered from them confirms the usefulness of using puppetry art in supporting the unemployed and retired woman in their struggle for social recovery. Presented below are the opinions by the group members and workshop leaders.


I learned about myself a lot, it raised so many questions in my head and I am going to look for the answers myself…I wish my daily life would be more meaningful, I want to be helpful for other people.

I am excited that puppets were so different,- just like us.

I have not solved my problems yet, but I really feel that the sense of exclusion has diminished, I feel accepted, being important and equal to others

It was so useful. Many times I got sight at myself from aside. I never do it in daily life.

Puppet making – it was nice to concentrate on the process, to forget all the troubles, to be here and now. I also appreciated the reflections about every puppet, based on different opinions and experience of each participant.

Reflections provided us with the possibility to talk and it was so essential to be heard. It was fun to create a puppet – as a new skill. I shall use it. And every puppet revealed a part of truth about her author.

Now I will look for the job with different attitude and mood, I know how important is to understand your real place – what you really can and like to do…I’m thinking about that so often now.

I started to breathe more deeply. The paralyses of emotions released, the trust in myself has grown. I wonder how do you do all of this, but you succeed. I would strongly recommend such workshop for women “at a crossroad”


It was a constant creative process for trainers because it was impossible just to apply the method which was presented in Glasgow. We had to be extremely flexible and attentive, to find the ways which could be optimal for all the participants, which were rather different in age, in life experience.

We, the trainers, were inspired by the puppetry techniques and were motivated while observing impressive improvement in participants attitudes, involvement, discoveries.


Trainers Evaluation