Group 3

218 Women’s Service

The 218 Women’s Service is part of Turning Point Scotland and provides an alternative to custody for women in the criminal justice system. The service offers programmes of intensive support and group work to empower women to address the root causes of their offending.  The aim is to support the women to break the cycle of offending which results in the ‘revolving door’ syndrome of maintaining their involvement in the criminal justice system and prison service.

Elly Goodman and Carly McCaig from the Citizens Theatre worked with 218 Women’s Service over a series of seven weekly sessions. The group varied in size each week, with a total of 15 people participating in total.

The participants particularly enjoyed the puppet-making process. A total of four short scenes were created and performed, with music soundtracks. These were performed in front of a small audience.

The group responded well to the project and feedback was positive from participants and staff members.



Trainers Evaluation