Feedback from puppetry workshops in Bristol

Feedback from puppetry workshops in Bristol

I found the overall structure worked really well for our group. It was well paced, for the amount of time we had. I found I had time to really immerse myself in the creative process but we were always moving forward. I enjoyed the amount of reflection that we had – this is something I don’t do much when facilitating groups and I found it really beneficial and a good process to learn.

I have done two puppet workshops with a group of 40 migrant older women and am doing one more next week, which will be a showing of their work. It was fantastic to be able to put into practice some of what we had learned straight away and am so far really pleased with how it went. It was quite clear from the start that our usual method of working wouldn’t have worked with this group, but the puppet workshop was just perfect! We had much shorter sessions – only an hour or so – so we didn’t have the opportunity to do it quite in the same way and we haven’t had any time for reflection – one of the things I valued so much from our week!

I really valued the chance to be led and learn new skills, to get to know the other participants – network and socialise with them. I loved the creative process of making something with my hands, as well as creating the stories. I couldn’t believe how involved I felt with my puppet – felt for him and with him, really wanted to express his story to the others – it really mattered to me! All this from some brown paper and string.

I would have liked some more hints on manipulation – key things to help when teaching others how to manipulate, bring them to life in a way that really works – is believable – having said that we all did fairly well with the instructions we were given. Slowly and thoughtfully – something that really stuck and worked for me.


It was a wonderful week, I loved it and feel very grateful we were able to do it.


Thank you x


Ingrid Jones

acta Associate Director