Group 7

South Community Recovery Network

SCRN is a partnership of peer-led, person-centred recovery initiatives, drop-ins and groups throughout the south sector of Glasgow. These initiatives have been created and developed by volunteers with lived experience in overcoming many barriers throughout their lives to access routes to recovery from alcohol and drug misuse.

Neil Packham, Elly Goodman and Angela Smith from the Citizens Theatre worked with SCRN over a series of five weekly sessions. It was a small group that varied in size each week. A total of thirteen people participated (seven male and six female).

This group was particularly good at self-reflection. As members of a recovery group, the SCRN participants are used to talking and sharing within a group environment. There was a clear sense of camaraderie within the group and the participants often helped one another and offered praise to others.

1th Report

1thTrainers’ Evaluation