Group 11


People with fewer opportunities, Sicily (Italy)


In June 2018 a second pilot workshop group was established in Palermo, Sicily.

The workshop sessions were conducted by Dario Ferrante and Grace Sciarrone, a social worker who manages “Spazio Donna” (the woman space), a social centre run by WeWorld, an organisation which has been involved in defending the rights of women and children in Italy and in the world for almost twenty years. The “Spazio Donna” project has been active in Italy for three years and it opened in Palermo in February2018. “Spazio Donna” is located at Borgo Vecchio, one of the most deprived neighborhoods in Palermo, where poverty and early school leaving are the main social problems

10 women and 2 tutors participated in the pilot workshop sessions, mostly young women aged 25-30 years old from disadvantaged families.

These women usually attend “Spazio Donna” three times a week, participating in different activities such as tailoring workshops, training courses, language courses. 4 workshop sessions lasting 2,5-3 hours each were organized on a weekly basis, once a week (Tuesday). One performance of a short story created by the group of participants was staged at the end of the pilot sessions in September 2018.

The evaluation of the pilot workshops was carried out through interviewing the participants with the use of written evaluation forms as provided by Know and Can. The feedback gathered from them confirms the usefulness of using puppetry art and psychodrama-related methods for the social inclusion of people with fewer opportunities. Presented below are the opinions of the participants.


“Puppets are useful tools to stimulate the imagination of young women, they recall childhood and they represent the innocent part of these women’s life, too often stuck in their present of poverty and disillusion”.


“Creating my own puppet brought me back to my childhood when I was happy and full of hope. I will teach my kids how to create the puppets so they can experience this positive feeling”.


 Trainers Evaluation