Group 10


Working with migrants in Palermo, Sicily (Italy)


In May 2018 a pilot workshop group was established in Palermo, Sicily.

The workshop sessions were conducted by Dario Ferrante and Lorella Libeccio, who both attended the workshop in Glasgow.

12 migrants and 2 tutors from the asylum seekers centres participated in the pilot workshop sessions. 12, mostly male migrants from Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh.

The participants came from three refugee centres in Palermo. 8 workshop sessions lasting 2,5-3 hours each were organized on a weekly basis. One performance of a short story created by a group of participants was staged at the end of the pilot sessions in June 2018.

The evaluation of the pilot workshops was carried out through interviewing the participants with the use of written evaluation forms as provided by Know and Can. The feedback gathered from them confirms the usefulness of using puppetry art and psychodrama-related methods for the social inclusion of migrants.

Presented below are the opinions of the participants.


“Sometimes for this target group, some exercises are too complicated and the language barriers are too high to be overcome, for example the scarf technique for evaluation and feedback is not applicable to migrants. For creating a common story, for instance we asked the two groups (one from Africa and the second one from Bangladesh) to talk about their traditions and shared values. So they felt themselves engaged and interested in the stories to be created.”


“I felt very well because I enjoyed the puppets making process and I think I will use these techniques in the future, especially with my family”.


Trainers evaluations