Trainers’ Evaluation (gr. 13)

  1. Trainers’ Evaluation

1.1. Please explain how your workshop went

– Date: 12th of May 2018;

– Place: 48th School Joseph Kovachev, Sofia, Bulgaria;

– Participants (number and profile): 12 people (2 men 10, women): people from vulnerable groups, looking for a job and NEETs.

1.2. According to your experience, which are the strong points of the method that helped you in the workshop?

– Positive attitude

– Safe atmosphere where everyone can express themselves

– Non-standard methods

– Psychological approach

1.3. According to your experience, what can be changed in the method in order to make it better (which are the weak points)? What changes do you suggest?

– No changes, just to adapt the method to the specific target groups- therefore add or remove some activities if this is needed

1.4. Additional comments

– Very useful method which can be used for problem-solving in different social situations.

  1. Participants’ evaluation

2.1. How did they feel during the workshop and why?

– Happy

– Open

– Relaxed

– Childish (in a good way)

– Interested

– Honest

The participants stated they felt very relaxed and happy because they enjoyed the manual work. The also liked the non-formal friendly atmosphere.

2.2. Which were the strong points of the workshop and why?

– The puppet-making

– The games

– The open atmosphere

– The opportunity to discuss without being judged

The participants stated they really enjoyed the openness of the method and having the opportunity to express themselves by talking and by creating a puppet.

2.3. Which were the weak points of the workshop and why?

– The participants didn’t find such

2.4. Do they think the workshop needs any changes?

– They didn’t state they did

2.5. Do they think this workshop was useful for them?

– They stated the workshop was useful for them and some of them stated the training inspired them to gain knowledge and experience in the theatrical field in future.

2.6. Would they use the things they learned on the workshop?

– They stated they would use them. Some of them didn’t have a clear vision where but were willing to use everything learned.

2.7. Which sessions did they like most?

– They stated they liked all sessions.

2.8. Which were the sessions they didn’t like?

– They stated they liked everything.

2.9. Additional comments

– Most of the participants’ additional comments were “Thank you.” ☺