Trainers’ Evaluation (Gr. 12)

  1. Trainers’ Evaluation

1.1. Please explain how your workshop went

– Date: 21st of April 2018

– Place: Peter Beron High School, Pernik, Bulgaria

– Participants (number and profile): 16 women: facing social and geographical obstacles, looking for a job, willing to find their professional path and NEETs.

1.2. According to your experience, which are the strong points of the method that helped you in the workshop?

– Therapeuthical manner of doing things

– Openness to everything and everyone

– User-friendliness

– Playful activities

– Simple activities with strong meaning

1.3. According to your experience, what can be changed in the method in order to make it better (which are the weak points)? What changes do you suggest?

– No weak points you just have to have in mind what people you are working with and adapt the method accordingly

1.4. Additional comments

– The method is applicable for different target groups

  1. Participants’ evaluation

2.1. How did they feel during the workshop and why?

– Relaxed- they stated the activities made them feel comfortable and the puppetry helped feel calm

– Happy- they stated that the games in the workshop made them feel the joy of playing

– Like going back to their childhood- they said that by making puppets, some childhood memories raised in their heads which made them feel good

– Creative- the creation of the puppet made them feel like artists that make a masterpiece

2.2. Which were the strong points of the workshop and why?

– Very relaxing

– Friendly atmosphere

– Fun activities

– Having the opportunity to reflect on oneself

– Very creative

Usually participants have been to workshops which were tiring and uncomfortable for them and didn’t have the opportunity to express themselves. But here they had the feeling their voice could be hear and was important. They felt a friendly and warm atmosphere which made them feel relaxed and “unlocked” their creativeness.

2.3. Which were the weak points of the workshop and why?

– None of the participants stated there were such. One participant suggested to play videos with puppetry for making the animation more vivid and in this way to show the animation techniques to the participants.

2.4. Do they think the workshop needs any changes?

– One participant suggested to adapt the timing of the whole training according to the group and participants individual needs.

2.5. Do they think this workshop was useful for them?

– Absolutely

2.6. Would they use the things they learned on the workshop?

– Yes- in their personal lives and in their future professional lives

2.7. Which sessions did they like most?

– All of them

2.8. Which were the sessions they didn’t like?

– Nobody stated such

2.9. Additional comments

– Most of the participants added that it was a lot of fun.