Trainers’ Evaluation (Gr. 10)

  1. Trainers’ Evaluation Group 10

1.1. Please explain how your workshop went

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Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci”, Palermo – Italy

– Participants (number and profile)

10, mostly male migrants from Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Bangladesh

1.2. According to your experience, which are the strong points of the method that helped you in the workshop?

The puppets creation is for sure the most appealing technique to get the attention of the participants and guarantee their constant engagement

1.3. According to your experience, what can be changed in the method in order to make it better (which are the weak points)? What changes do you suggest?

Sometimes for this target group, some exercises are too complicated and the language barriers are too high to be overcome, for example the scarf technique for evaluation and feedback is not applicable to migrants. For creating a common story, for instance we asked the two groups (one from Africa and the second one from Bangladesh) to talk about their traditions and shared values. So they felt themselves engaged and interested in the stories to be created

1.4. Additional comments

In general, the CC group of methods is appealing to different target groups bur for migrants it is necessary to adapt it to the specific needs of the target group. For instance, migrants are very shy and sometimes, especially those just arrived in Sicily, are very reluctant to talk and more often they do not speak English, Italian or French, so it is extremely complicated being able to communicate with them without a cultural mediator.

  1. Participants’ evaluation- please summarize the participants’ responses and if you have added more questions, please add their answer as well

2.1. How did they feel during the workshop and why?

Participants felt very well because they enjoyed the puppets making process and they created two groups: one of migrants coming from West Africa and one coming from Bangladesh.

2.2. Which were the strong points of the workshop and why?

The strong point was the creation of puppets because it was funny

2.3. Which were the weak points of the workshop and why?

The evaluation methods like “Two chairs” because participants felt uncomfortable sitting in a dangerous position and the rehearsal of own stories as some were dealing with sensitive issues like begging an drinking alcohol.

2.4. Do they think the workshop needs any changes?

No, it was ok

2.5. Do they think this workshop was useful for them?

The workshop was useful for them in their words because they learned new things (how to create a puppet) and they will use these new skills in their families for example and they create puppets again in the future

2.6. Would they use the things they learned on the workshop?

Some said they will create puppets for their kids and family

2.7. Which sessions did they like most?

The creation of puppets

2.8. Which were the sessions they didn’t like?

The two chairs was not appreciated and the rehearsal of own stories touched some sensitive issues like begging and drinking alcohol so it is important to have a cultural mediators during the sessions with migrants

2.9. Additional comments

In general, the CC methodology is not fully applicable to the migrant target group as it is necessary to overcome the linguistic barriers (still quite high when the methods and techniques are too conceptual, e.g. the scarves exercise) and often participants do not speak the language, so for the creation of a common story we introduced some topics which were shared by everyone (e.g. national sport champions or famous football players…) so to engage participants on a common ground.